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I want to help you overcome all the mental, physical, and emotional limitations that have been placed on us since 2020!

However, unlike the government. I will offer you the real opportunity for TRUE optimal health.  From your cellular level out.

But first I have a secret to tell you. My fight name is Badass Button

I have a record of 45 fights. 43 amateur Olympic style fights, and 1-1 as a professional. With winning the first Canadian welterweight Golden Gloves in 2013, Kansas City International Silver medallist, and professionally co-main event to the first all female professional fight card show in 2014.

Boxing competitively is something I lived, breathed, and ate for sixteen intense and immersive years.

Boxing taught me an unwavering confidence. Being able to walk into any room, any place, and at any time. Confidently knowing that no matter what happened in that room, I’d always come out a winner.

Boxing taught me how to stand up for myself, and never feel guilty for it.

Boxing taught me to speak my truth. Face all FEARS.

Boxing taught me to become the best human, and single mother I could be. Boxing kept us away from almost living on the street.

Boxing pulled me out of the dark hole of depression that can sink you so low. You are never sure you’ll ever get back up again.

But that’s not the secret.

The secret is in 2020 the pandemic slowly began ripping away at the things that boxing had taught me.

Like the slow tides of an ocean wearing down on rocks.

I began doubting myself. I began to feel alone. I began feeling depressed again. Even suicidal ideation crept in. I hadn’t experienced this IN YEARS.

I began feeling out of control. I began distancing myself from the character traits, that are me!

I had low energy on and off. I felt like I was going crazy. Often emotionally exhausted.

The things that could not be ripped away

Was the emotional, and physical resiliency, being a fighter, teaches you.

Take Back The Power

That was stolen from you.

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The things that could not be ripped away. Was the emotional, and physical resiliency, being a fighter, teaches you.

You see, when you fight so much.  You go through training camps, over and over.

During training camps, there is this emotional roller coaster to get to the end goal of a fight.  You have highs.  You have lows.  You have doubts.  You experience pain.

There is an intensity to training camps.  Unlike anything else I have experienced in life, so far.

Ok, maybe being a parent.  But as a parent you never punch your children.  In training camps, you punch lots of different people.  Parenting is about something else all together.

Training camps forge your mindset.  A determination to win. A grit and grind; to become THE BEST. This is chiseled out of you during a training camp.

Then during 2020. When I began to experience emotional, physical, and psychological lows.  I was deeply familiar with this roller coaster ride.

I just knew I had to be patient.  The only thing is, I didn’t quite know (like so many others) when this ride was going to end.

Yet, part of the emotional resiliency. Is understanding that you can make it. No matter if there is an end in sight, or not.


That’s why EsPN has rated Olympic Boxing as #1 out of all olympic sports.

The things that could not be ripped away. Was the emotional, and physical resiliency, being a fighter, teaches you.

Something happened in my personal life.  That reminded me of the transformational power, boxing still holds.

I got to, box again.  March 25th, 2022.  For the first time in two years.  I got to train in a boxing gym again.

In a rustic gym, at the back of Carbonear in Newfoundland. It all came rushing back to me.

As the owner and coach of the gym, Andrew Slade.  Another professional boxer, and coach, like myself. Held hand pads for me.

With the crack of well placed punches.  It was there again.

In less than an hour, I was reminded of EXACTLY WHO I AM!

Sixteen years of blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice surged back into my body and soul. I AM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

The government abuse that had been laid upon me the last two years, quickly melted away, with the sweat that each punch formed onto my body.

All the anger.  The frustration. The uncertainty.  The lies. The manipulation.  The lack of support.  The division.  The unexpected shutdowns.  The lack of sleep.  Over sleeping.  The insecurities. The doubts.  The struggles with alcohol.

It all got thrown out the window, when I landed those first few punches!

Feelings of elation. Overwhelming gratitude.  An extreme surge of power filled me back up.

I found my tribe.  I found myself.  I found my team.

After two years of ugly struggle.  I no longer needed to wonder if I would ever be whole again.  I FOUND ME AGAIN!

Here I stand.  Bare, and vulnerable with you.

Knowing exactly that YOU TOO have gone through the same things since 2020.

I want to give you the same emotional resiliency boxing has taught me.  While helping you to heal the trauma the last two years have put upon you.

I want to give you the boxing training camp experience.  

Button Adventures is a safe place.  Where we want you to express your anger, hurts, and frustrations over the last two years.


Yet without the head contact of competitive boxing.

You don’t need to be punched in the head, to reap the same benefits that years of boxing training has taught me.


There is a reason professional fighters do training camps, and leave their everyday life behind.

To really transform yourself into the mental state of a champion. You need to shed the layers of distractions that come from our regular lives, and stresses.

That is what I am offering you for the summer of 2022. A unique one of a kind boxing training experience on the island of Newfoundland, aka The Rock.

Come experience the intensity, healing, passion, love, and rejuvenation boxing can give you.

During the one week of the boxing camp, you will learn the forms of amateur and professional boxing.

You will learn the mindset needed to regain your power, that has just been stolen FROM YOU these last two years.

You will be an individual surrounded with support.  A team of people, JUST LIKE YOU!

Food and accommodation will be looked after for you.

As a bonus, billion dollar views come with the training camp.

The views, history, and people that come with this boxing training camp.  You will be hard pressed to find this anywhere else in North America!

Now.  You must be thinking.  A training camp experience with food, accommodations, and views like this.  This is going to cost me, A LOT!

NO! Not for the summer of 2022.  You get food, accommodation, and a vacation spot.  With AWARD Winning coaching.  Normally $1100 until Friday May 20th, FOR ONLY $399! (FLIGHT NOT INCLUDED)

I want you to experience the healing power of boxing, on the incredible island of Newfoundland.

Why? Because, I know how badly so many of us need it RIGHT NOW!

If that isn’t already enough to show you how much I care.

I also believe in the power and healing of animals with nature.

So in addition the 60% off Boxing Training Retreats weekend, I will add the “Goat Walks on the Rock” this inclusive event is valued at ($40). This is an event that has just launched, and the media and people are loving it. With half of the events sold out for the spring and summer, 2022.

So for 3 days and two nights you get 3 prepared quality meals and snacks (value of $250) and accommodations (value of $300) award winning boxing training (value of $600) and an exciting selling out FAST, Goat Walks on the Rock event ($40)

A total of $1190, For only $399 Canadian!! WOW.

Even with that LOW COST.

I believe so deeply how much this training camp will change your life.  That I am giving a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

After 6 nights and 7 Days with Button Adventures Boxing Training camp if you don’t walk away completely satisfied and in aw from your experience with myself (Coach Lita), the Button Adventures Team, and the island of Newfoundland.  I will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked! Yes. You read that correctly.  100 % satisfaction guaranteed refund.

But you gotta hurry. There are only 12 individual training camp spots available.

In addition there is only FIVE; 7days, and 6night, open to book in our schedule.

Button Adventures also has a number of news media that are excited to learn more and publish about what’s happening.  Booking interviews as we communicate this information to you.

After the 72hrs is up, the $1500 of bonuses won’t be available.

Want to know the best part of booking with Button Adventures?

You’re booking with an organization with community consciousness.

5% of each training camp purchase will go towards the funding of building a youth boxing centre in the local town of Carbonear.  Fundrazr Campaign

Our Valueable Client's

Melissa Rose’s Testimony

“This is what one of my recent clients has to say about coaching with me:
“Over the last several years I have worked with 5 different personal trainers. Finally, I feel I have found a trainer who considers that while I am a 55 year-old woman, I am still capable of being pushed physically.
During our sessions, I can expect a challenging, varied and unique workout and I feel I am not being coddled or underestimated. Equally important, I feel safe and not at risk of being injured.
Having been active in sport throughout my life I can honestly say I have never felt stronger or more toned than I do now. Our sessions have enabled me to continue to experience the active lifestyle I have enjoyed my entire life.
I have endured some emotionally challenging times. I want to thank you for continuing to push me on my down days. It would have been easy to let me ramble on. I appreciate that you took some time to listen but then got down to the business of putting me through my workout. I especially appreciate how on the really tough days you adjusted because you understood I was unable to handle a physically demanding workout.
I look forward to our continued sessions together. I feel confident about my health as I age knowing I am gaining strength, flexibility, stamina and balance through our workouts.””

Melissa Rose

Kirisha’s Testimony

““I have been attending your classes for over a year now and I am proud to say that there has been a positive change in me. I can't describe it. But not only have you made me physically stronger you have made me mentally too.
Having a history of depression, I have moments of highs and lows. But since I have been attending your classes I feel less of the lows and feel more stable. Don't get me wrong there are times when I feel down but I know how to handle it because I have great positive energy and support around me.
You are an inspiration to me, you are not only a great coach, you are a friend and someone I know I could speak to in a time of need. I know we all have a history and have had challenges given to us in life but the way you handle yourself and behave is what I find inspirational. No matter what happens you always have a positive outlook on life and never let anything defeat you and you have done this all whilst raising your son.
Who might I add is an amazing boy and that is all due to you.Having experienced some dark times, I have learnt to appreciate the good and try not dwell on the bad. As I come to class weekly I always remind myself how thankful I am
for the powers above (that's the spiritual side of me) for bringing you into my life. You have created an environment that is fun but also a place where as women we can feel safe. The classes are filled with tests for the body but also for the mind. We may look at something and think we can't do this but once we try it, we can start to realize we can do it. And you have taught us... we are strong, incredible women, who can do anything!!
You have helped me look at my life, and have helped me get the confidence I needed to prosper in certain aspects of my life that I never thought I could so I just want to say thank you.””

Kirisha M

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the days, weeks, and dates for the training camps?

Sunday to Saturday.  Check in at 12pm on Sunday’s.  Check out at 12pm on Saturday. June 12th to 18th.  June 26th to July 2nd.  July 10th to 16th. July 24th to July 30th.  And August 14th to August 20th.  View sign ups here.

What happens if I want to drive myself?

Cool. Just let us know when you’re on your way from the airport, and what time you will be arriving.

What happens if my flight happens to be a day or two ahead of training camp? Or I am not able to find a flight a day or two after training camp?

Button Adventures also offers basic Air BnB stays outside of the training camps.  You could check our availability here.  In addition there are other’s Air BnB’s in the area.  Yet we want to stress! That Small-point-Broad-cove-Blackhead-Adams-cove/ and surrounding area is an extremely HIGH Tourist visitor area.  The location bookings have already began to fill.

Where exactly is Button Adventures Boxing Training Camps?

We are located at 1 Mulley’s Cove Road, Broad Cove Newfoundland, A0A 1L0. Out of a small pocket of communities called Small Point-Blackhead-Broad Cove-Adams Cove.

What is “Goat Walks on the Rock”?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is a video to help show you.  This also gives you the view of where you are staying.

Will I have my own room when coming to the boxing training camps?

Yes.  We have 3 rooms available.  Two with queen sized beds. One with a bunk bed.  The only way you will be sharing a room, is if you’re coming with a significant other.

I want to bring my significant other, friend, and or family member. However, they don’t want to do the training camp. They want to come for a vacation?

That is very nice. At Button Adventures, we love Newfoundland.  We want to share our unique culture and experiences with the world.  However, this is an IMMERSIVE Training Camp experience.  The people who come with you, need to be on the same page as you. In order for Coach Lita to guarantee YOUR SUCCESS, it needs to be 100% distraction free.

For those that just want to come and stay as an AirBnB.  You can view the rates, and dates that are available outside of the training camp days. View that here.

If its 100% distraction free camp, does that mean no TV or WIFI?

No.  We are in the age of digital connection.  We just want the people you’re also training with, not distracting you for the process of healing, and levelling up your fitness goals. Coach Lita would like to bring your attention back to the two words; mindset, and teammates.

Does that mean you’re saying I am not on vacation?

No. It just means, that in order to really get the benefits of a training camp.  The people who you are doing training camp with need to be focused on the same outcome.  The views, hiking, animals, and nature is a vacation in an of itself.  PLUS if you choose the right timing in July and August, you’re most likely to see whales close to the training camp doorstep.

I have a friend, family, co worker etc. WHO DOES WANT to do the training camp? How about them?

Great. That is amazing. It will create an ever deeper sense of team camaraderie because you already know each other going into this training camp.

Does this mean you offer discounts?

The amount of time, resources, and energy that goes into this boxing training camp is a lot.  This 72hr special is a PHENOMENAL discount.  For the summer of 2022, there are no couple or group discounts.  However, as we grow.  There will be many exciting discount offers to come.  So we encourage you to check in for the following years.

How many of us exactly are in this camp?

Minimum of 3, and maximum of 6 people.

Ok, about Coach Lita. Great she has fight and training camp experience. But who has she really helped?

Excellent question.  This is not her first time doing a training camp.  Here is what one her past boxing training camp attendees have to say:

My name is Devon, I am 44 years old and am a hairstylist and teacher.

I began training with Lita Mae approximately a year ago, I began with her boot camp classes with a goal of getting back into shape, building my confidence up and of course have some fun while at it! Her approach to training and motivation is amazing! I felt welcomed and completely comfortable from day one! She is very accommodating and supportive.

Not long after beginning my training, I agreed to start her 12 week boxing camp, it was the best decision I made! The training was intense and extremely rewarding! I saw results quickly as well as building stamina, and major confidence in myself! The group of ladies were incredible and have become very close friends! I have continued with the boot camp training, and have seen many changes in my body as well as my day to day life!  I would recommend Lita Mae and her variety of classes to any one looking to empower themselves, challenge themselves, build strength physically and mentally, and have a blast doing it!


You will leave the week with this kind of smile and mindset. 

Hi my name is Janani Srikantha.

Since starting to work with Lita, just in a short time, I have seen many changes and accomplished things I never thought I could. The environment she creates is safe and welcoming, and she manages to build a sense of community within her classes. She supports my strength training and conditioning by modifying exercises to meet the challenges that I have. And, I have definitely seen changes in my flexibility, stamina and strength, at both her bootcamp and boxing classes. She is knowledgeable on anatomy and how the body works, and helps increase my fitness level while staying injury-free. She makes hard work fun, while still focussing on the goal of pushing my own boundaries. She discovers my fears and hurdles, and encourages me to push past them while she stands by my side to guide me. I am healthier not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well since starting to work with Lita, and my confidence has sky rocketed. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do and achieve with Lita’s support and guidance.

In addition she has run a Rock Steady Boxing program for people with Parkinson’s the last 6 years.  This is what Martha and the Muffins has to say.

Do you do refunds?

With the amount of work, time, preparation, and organization that goes into a week long training camp.  We do not offer refunds.  But we do offer transferable credit.  If for some reason there is a major life emergency that occurs before coming.  Your week long spot, will be deferred (schedule openings permitted) for the following year.

What is this award that Coach Lita is talking about?

In 2017, Coach Lita was voted Fab Female Entrepreneur Health and wellness award out of 150 people in the greater Toronto area.

She has also been called on as an expert among Canadian celebrities Denise Donland, and Conrad Black, on Zoomer Television.

I am ready to sign up, but I am not able to do the full payment today?

We understand that life can be a juggle.  That is why we offer payment plans.  You can do either 2 equal payments of $1,375 + HST